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Floor Busters and finding a legit company

I’m going to veer off the topic of music for this one article because I’m just wanting to talk about a project that I got done this week and am very excited about.

My house has been in need of a facelift for a while. I have had the original tile all over the bottom floor of the house. It was the same tile as when I had moved in five years ago and even at that point was showing some age. Also it was a little dated but at that point I was not ready to remove it.

About six months ago I decided that it was time to change out the tile and replace it with newer fresher more up-to-date tile.

So I started to look for tile removal companies because I wanted to have the tile removed before I put down a different kind of flooring. In other words I didn’t want to put down flooring on top of the old tile.

I knew that tile removal is quite a process and produces a ton of dust. Actually I knew that even if tile did not have to be removed, just the process of laying down tile was very dusty. Something about the grout in the tile being cut so that it would fit . . .  all that producing a lot of dust that would go everywhere.

So I knew that removing tile before even laying it down was going to be a very messy process.

I had heard about dust free tile removal companies and that sounded good to me. So I started researching those kinds of companies.

First I googled Dust free tile removal companies near me and Tile removal companies Orlando and tile removal orlando companies Central Florida. I came up with several company names and whittled those down to the ones that said they could do the job using a dust free system.

I called a couple of them and asked all my questions and settled on one called FloorBusters.

The guys came out and looked at my house one day and then we discussed what I wanted to have done. I got a quote which I agreed to and then we got the job scheduled. They came the next week. It was a crew of three men. One of them ran the machine that removed the tile and the second ran the vacuum that got rid of the dust as it was being created.

I watch the process with great interest. They obviously knew what they were doing because they worked together seamlessly like they knew just what the other person was going to do next. Which they probably did since this is what they do day in and day out.

The third guy stood by and collected the removed tile chunks. He took them out of the house and disposed of them in their truck. I was impressed at how clean they kept the worksite as they worked.

They got the whole job done in two days and there was hardly a speck of dust on any surface when they left. I was super pleased with their work.

Two days later I got new flooring installed and now I’m a happy man. Project complete.

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