Too Many Bands


Can Being in a Band be a bad thing?

I have a friend who is currently in five bands. He is a bass player.

I’m not sure that he will be able to sustain involvement in all five bands because each one requires preparation and time listening to new songs and charting out the music. He is a perfectionist and does a very thorough job of preparing for the songs so that he can nail them.

He is in three bands that he would consider professional bands. This would mean that if they are doing a cover song they would do it exactly like the recording. So he has to be completely prepared for those, having listened very carefully to the recordings and replicated them exactly.

The professional bands have high caliber musicians who are pretty anal about doing things exactly right. So this makes a great product when everyone is prepared.

He’s also in a couple of bands that are volunteer or amateur bands. There’s a lot more flexibility in these bands. They don’t follow the original recording exactly and they will often drop measures or add measures or reinterpret the song how they want. Incidentally this is the National Professional Band Repair Tech site.

In those bands he is allowed a lot more latitude and can be somewhat creative in his parts. In other words he doesn’t have to strictly follow the recording.

This makes the involvement in those bands less high-pressure and sometimes more fun. But it can also be frustrating if he goes into it with the mindset that the music is supposed to be a certain way and then the band just runs in a different direction with it.

It can also be frustrating when he has prepared music a certain way and then at the last minute the band says oh we’re gonna do it this way or let’s try this or let’s put it into this key.

The fact that he is in a mix of bands is probably a good thing because it gives him some variety. The amateur bands give him space to be somewhat creative and play around and maybe have a bit more fun.

The professional bands require more from him and usually the output is more satisfying because everyone has prepared and everyone in the band is of a certain caliber.

He has sort of fallen into some of these bands. He was at the right spot at the right time and in the right conversation and ended up being invited to join the band.

So now he is in multiple bands that have rehearsals every week and gigs most weekends.

It’s probably a great thing for him at this stage of his life where he is rebuilding and coming back into a life of intention and activity. So I’m very happy for him that he has all of these opportunities.

At the same time I suspect that as time goes on he will have to be a bit more selective. Right now mostly he just works and goes to rehearsals and gigs. Whatever time is left he spends sleeping. It will be interesting to see if that’s how he chooses to continue to spend his time or if he decides to pull back on some of the music and do some other things with the time that would be freed up.

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