Nate's Reviews

Hi there. I’m Nate.

Welcome to my music review blog.

Each article in this blog covers a different band or solo performer. The opinions are my own and I don’t apologize for any of them. My reviews may go against the stream of current general opinion, but that doesn’t bother me.

I enjoy listening to different recording artists and assessing their music and their production from multiple perspectives.

So that’s what this blog is about.

A little about me. . . .

I’m a 40-something married guy who has been crazy about music since I fell out onto the planet. My parents tell me that as soon as I could hold a stick in my fat little fists, I was beating time and creating rhythms.

It didn’t lessen as I got older, apparently. When I was four and five I was patting and tapping and keeping time on any flat surface, driving everyone crazy. My grandparents bought me a kundu drum and a box drum, and they said I would play those for hours and hours.

When I was six my mom started me on piano lessons. Whereas a lot of kids despise piano lessons and have to be cajoled and prodded into practicing, that wasn’t me. I loved playing the piano and I would practice twice as long as I was supposed to and then I’d also sit down at the piano randomly throughout the day and play just for fun.

I kept going with piano lessons through the end of twelfth grade. By then, I was very good. I was playing gigs with upper-echelon school bands, community bands, and getting hired to play in restaurants and malls and country clubs.

In the middle of high school, I also picked up guitar, learning both electric and acoustic, and drums. I also ventured into voice, taking some lessons and mostly just practicing on my own and in whatever band I was currently in.

I majored in music as business in college. This meant that I Iearned everything possible in the context of a college course about what it meant to pursue music as business, including the marketing of it, the publicity of it, and the management of it.

I was in two bands in college. One was a jazz band, and I played piano for that. The other was a punk band, and I played lead guitar for that and was also the lead singer. As you can imagine, those bands played to very different audiences and required different skill sets.

I loved both bands. Being involved in both gave me further appreciation for the wide variety of music that exists and the possibility of understanding and appreciating multiple genres. It also gave me the ability to assess different music styles with detachment and objectivity.

As I got busier with my career, I had to drop a lot of my music. Both the jazz band and the punk band fell by the wayside. I continued to play piano in clubs and restaurants, though, because I loved it and it was easy to do alone.

So you see that music has been in my blood since I was a little squirt. This music review blog is a natural outgrowth of my interest in the music scene.

Thanks for stopping by!